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Woodware Challenge – Week 78 – Gifts for Christmas

I hope that you have been keeping an eye on the Woodware blog this week as the girls have been showing off some wonderful gift ideas. I have done some glass tea light holders, which are quick and very effective.

I have used Jane’s stamps on them all, and I have stamped on Mulberry Paper The Mulberry Paper comes in large sheets and also in an A5 pad of mixed colours which is very useful.

These two are done on candles from Ikea, I had the green candles as I like the apple smell, but they come in lots of colours and fragrances. On this ones I have used pink paper and embossed with Vintage Plum Embossing Powder. The stamp is Ferns a Clear Magic Single.

I always use PPA to glue things like this it is a wonderful glue. If you have not heard of Perfect Paper Adhesive it is an acrylic glue which has a UV filter, which if you are making home décor projects it does help to reduce sun fade. That is just one of it’s many features. When attaching the paper put some glue on the glass and then put the paper on and glue all over the top. This seals it all really well and the glue goes through the thin paper.

This is the Hedgerow Clear Magic Single I have stamped on light green paper and embossed with Vintage Mahogany Tinsel Powder. I have stamped it 3 times for each glass and ripped the paper and overlapped it around the glass. This means you don’t have to measure, just line it up roughly and the glue gives you time to slide it round a bit.

This time I have used a pair of glasses that are just water or whisky glasses, depending on your taste! The stamp on this pair is Wheat Clear Magic Single, I have stamped on white Mulberry Paper and embossed with Aged Silver powder.

once I had glued the paper on to the glasses I added some Frantage to the bottom. Just a mix that I have in the box that includes:- Shaved Ice, Silver Halo Glitter Mix, Pearlised Mica Fragments. I just added some water mark re-inker so that I could drop on bits of powder. Heating the glass is easy, just do it slowly, start with the heat gun quite far away.

The box that they are sitting on was the project that I had planned, but since Siobhan got in first with stationery I went for something completely different!

Thank you for visiting, please have a look and see what the rest of the team have been up to!

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