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I’m showing off!


I am rather excited that I have made the front cover of a magazine, it is a first for me! Simply Cards and Papercraft is out now and has instructions for 6 cards made with Dreamweaver stencils and the story of Woodware. As well as some photographs taken by Scrappy Jen at our Retailer Training day in September.


8 thoughts on “I’m showing off!

  1. How exiting Dorothy !! Hope you’ve planned a scrapbook page to mark the occasion !!

  2. Hi Dorothy Happy New year. I hope you are well. Its there anywhere online I can see
    the new woodware stamp catalogue??


    1. hi Caz good to here from you. the stamps are all on line. then go to the new section. the print catalogue is at the printers.

  3. How exciting! What a great card!

  4. Hey, Dorothy, can you bring me a copy? How exciting!

    1. I am hoping it can be my Dreamweaver certification, so I have a copy for Lynell and the cards!

  5. Very exciting, well done Dorothy!!! 😀

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