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Woodware Challenge – Fathers Day Gifts

Well this was a hard one, and I choose the challenges! Sometimes deciding what to make is the hardest part.

So with thanks to  Gwenstampy  I have come up with something I am really happy with.

In April I went to Gwen’s Retreat and this was one of the projects.


I did think about cheating and just posting this but well where’s the fun in that….


This is what I came up with.


So this was a canvas that I had lying about waiting to be decorated this one measures 50 x 60 cm so it is quite large, this forms the base of the pin board  For the fabric I used a calaco type cloth that was an old curtain.


So I had a fun time with Clearsnap Dye Ink Sprays in Artichoke and Chocolate I used the Dreamweaver Gears Stencil and the Clearsnap Hexagon Art Screen and sprayed through them.


I have also used the Clear Scrap Chicken Wire Mixer. As well as spraying though the stencils and masks I turned the wet stencils over and printed the wet ink to get the reverse print.


The ink puddles on the stencils.


I printed the Gears stencil on to some card, to use later. (well add to the stash)


This was the finished piece of fabric.

Now for the next bit I got carried away and forgot to take pictures, sorry. I used a couple of layers of wading and placed them on the canvas, and then stapled the fabric tightly around the frame attaching it at the back. Then I measured the frame and marked where to attach the elastic. I just placed the elastic on the canvas to get an idea of how many pieces to use. Then I marked the back of the frame so that the elastic when where it should.


Once I have the elastic on I decided that the grape spray ink was too strong, this would have been much easier to rectify before I added the elastic!


I used a stencil brush and Bark Crafter’s ink pad. I just wanted this to be rough so I used various pressures and only inked some of the stencil.


The last thing to do is add the brads, I have used the Screw Head brads.


I slit the elastic and all of the way though the canvas with the small bladed knife that comes in the Multi Crafting Tool box.

Simple! it was fun to make and adding the brads is the part that took longest. You can see from the photographs that Gwen supplied wider elastic than I used, and I think that would have made it easier, but I used what I had on hand.

The girls on the Woodware Blog have produced a great array of gifts this week so pop over and take a look.

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