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Stampendous- Dreamweaver – Woodware – Blog Hop – Making Texture


This week we’re going to celebrate with the awesome Woodware Design Team and the Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Team all of the the great Stampendous and Dreamweaver Stencils products that Woodware makes available to the UK market. This is good news for our crafty friends in the UK because we’ll be offering prizes and our UK friends are eligible to win!! We’ll be offering three prizes in the UK and three in the US. Each prize package will consist of Nathalie Kalbach’s terrific Grunge Mixed Media Cling Rubber Stamp Sets and the beautiful Zen Butterfly Dreamweaver Stencil! Both products are ideal for adding texture and backgrounds to your projects!

Deadline to comment is Sunday, March 29th, Pacific Time. Winners will be picked using and announced Tuesday, March 31st, in the afternoon.

And that’s our theme!! Making Texture.

We hope you’ll enjoy the wonderful inspiration that three talented teams will bring you this week! Be sure to visit all the blog links listed and leave your comments! Each comment will count as an entry towards one of the terrific prize packages.

So here is my project I have used  Kaffee Klatsch one of Nat Kalbach’s stamp set.


I have made a wall hanging using the Artist Canvas Pad it is an American A4 size pad of lovely textured canvas.


First I used the Dreamweaver Large Scales stencil and and a Colorbox Crafters Pad and inked through the stencil.


this is a really easy stencil to repeat across the canvas


I love that with theCrafters and a brush you can blend this ink, I have not tried to make it even, but you can not see the joins, then I cut the canvas in half


then I stamped


and stamped


and Frantaged


I love this randon effect.


on the other half I just stamped.


I added some red Woodware wire which I had twisted around the posts on the Plastic Jig. I also used some wadding under the canvas and stitched it.


I Frantaged the tops of some brads and added these


They are perfect in the circles of the stamp.

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to comment and hope along!

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36 thoughts on “Stampendous- Dreamweaver – Woodware – Blog Hop – Making Texture

  1. […] Karen Petit from Dorothy Adam’s blog […]

  2. I love your wall hanging. I thought you quilted it with your sewing machine and was surprised to learn about the wire and jig. So cool!

  3. What a fun wall hanging. I love the large scales stencil that you used for the background and the stamps are fabulous. Then to add the sewing stitches is really fun. Thank you for showing such a fun project.

  4. So many layers and textures in your hanging! Must remember to try the Frantaged brads, although I do have trouble with the powder blowing away!

    1. hold the brad with tweezers and push the head into a watermark pad, then dip into Frantage powder.

  5. Oh my word that is gorgeous! I love every little detail about it. Such clever crafting I thought it was part of a quilt or something like that – awesome!
    Thank you for the blog hop and awesome inspirations Karen

  6. Great work on this
    lovely wall hanging.
    Love the work with
    the stencils.
    Carla from Utah

  7. I never thought of embossing beads like that, brilliant! And the large scale stencil is now my new favorite!

  8. Perfect stencil-ing!! I could never get it even when it comes to tile stencil-ing, it always overlap LOL!! 🙂

  9. Love how you made this beautiful wall hanging!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thanks for walking us through how you made it. Love all the tips and techniques!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  11. Wow, what a unique piece of art!

  12. great project – loved seeing the pics of the canvas going from white background to all those wonderful images.

  13. just love all the different textures you’ve used

  14. What a wonderful project. You have great ideas that are so inspiring. Those stitches are so neat.

  15. all your creative process is awesome, and so beautiful!

  16. The texture is fabulous, thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiration.

  17. Thank you for showing all your steps! This is wonderful!

  18. Cool. Great canvas.

  19. I totally LOOOOOVE this piece, Dorothy! The stenciled background along with the stamping looks beautiful on its own. And yet the fibers add a real ‘zing’ to it – this is a real work of art!

  20. Love all the different textures with this!

  21. Very cool! Love all of the stitching!

  22. Great texture, love that stencil.

  23. the hanging is beautiful. thanks for the detailed instructions on how you made it.
    Would love to have this hanging in my house.

  24. Fun ideas! I like your layers!

  25. What a great project! And it doesn’t look too complicated to replicate. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Dorothy, this is absolutely gorgeous fiber art! The subtle layers of stencils and stamps with beautiful with stitched outlines. We’re having so much fun hopping with this week. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  27. I love how you always manage to make something so different from everyone else xx

  28. What an I teresting project….when I saw it at first glance, I thought it was a cloth hanging! Good job!!!!

  29. Wonderful, very ‘different’ 🙂

  30. This is so stunning!!! I love the way you did this with all the textures and stitching. I thought it was a quilt at first.

  31. Love the almost hidden scallop stenciled design! Lots of layers to enjoy.

  32. I love how much depth you created using just stamps! Absolutely spectacular! TFS!

  33. Ha! When I saw the partial shot on Woodware’s blog, I thought you’d made a quilted card! lol!
    ‘Tis a gorgeous hanging… thanks for showing step-by-step.. a truly FAB piece!

  34. Beautiful Wall Hanging~

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