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Woodware – Hobbies

This week on the Woodware Blog we are looking at hobbies, my hobby is sewing, but my sister loves knitting and for her birthday I have made her an apron to wear when kntting when knitting with wool that is fluffy wool that casts on your clothes.


I only have a childs form so the view is a bit limited.


here is the whole thing.


First I sprayed the apron through the Dutch Doobadoo Fabric Mask Art. I used the Red Fabric Spray a quick effective way to get colour on fabric through a stencil or to dye a small piece of fabric.


For the other colour I used Crafter’s Fabric ink in Aruba


I used the Aruba in a few places.


I used the Stone Crafters on tissue paper and coloured the images with fabric pens.

I have used the new Zig Decoupage Glue this glue is great and makes it possible to put napkins and other papers on to fabric. The stamp is Jane’s Clear Magic Ball of Wool


This one is Knit One Purl One also designed by Jane.


Thanks for visiting see you soon!

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