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Woodware Christmas Decorations

Over on the Woodware blog this week we are looking at decorations, I really enjoy making and displaying Christmas Decorations and the selection that we have on show this week I hope will inspire you to get the glue gun out.

I really like the tree that Suzanne from CukyBugCrafts has shared with us, pop over and have a look.

So now here we have my effort….


It is the Craft Works Cards Poinsettia Wreath. The pack contains everything that you need to make two wreaths.


The kit comes with plenty of  the organza ribbon but for this one I used some of the dotty grosgrain

They are very easy to make…


you get 2 rings with pre-punched holes


I sprayed it with ColorBox Artichoke Dye Ink. I think this is an amazing colour.


then add the ribbon


I made my flower into piles so that I new that I liked the way that I had mixed the layers up


shape the flowers with the Floral Punch Craft tools.


My first set of seven flowers I used a a6mm brad to hold them together.


shape the leaves and attach 2 together. I have added Pine Stickles.


The other flowers I stuck together with silicone glue and added a Card Candi on top. the candi is Felicity but I have covered them with Diamond Stickles to add some sparkle and I used Cranberry Stickles on the edge of some of the petals.


 I used the pine Stickles on the embellishment pins too, and used some Card Candi as berries.


I only used 6 flowers so I have made a small card with my spare flower.

Thanks for visiting, don’t forget to pop over to the Woodware Blog to see what the rest of the team have been up too.

See you soon

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Woodware Craft Canvas

Over on the Woodware Blog this week we are all using Craft Canvas I have used it often and think that it is a wonderful product.

Today I have been up-cycling


I had some old coasters, I am not sure where they came from.


perhaps they were free with something, but not starch!


I drew around the mat on the Craft Canvas and cut around it. I have stamped with Crafters ink the Stampendous Cling Rubber PenPattern House, and then coloured with Crafters Ink and a flat dry paint brush.

Sorry this is a very picture heavy post…


I have used Spiced Plum and Aruba inks to colour the image.


The door is Limon, the heart is Sweet Pea and the roof is Purple Crafters.


The walls are coloured differently.


I then added some Zentangle type doodles. I have used a Sakura Stardust Pen.


I added lots more doodles and then embossed with Chunky Clear Powder.


I used the the High Bond Doublesided sheet to stick the Craft Canvas on.

6 5 4 3 2 1


I am very happy with my coasters, if I made them again I probably would just seal them with PPA glue or Mat Medium.

Craft Canvas what is it?

Craft Canvas is a fabric that thinks it is a paper; you can cut it with scissors or your Woodware Trimmer even with the patterned blades (other trimmers will work too). Some dies and embossing folders will work too, trial and error. It does not fray or curl at the edges. Craft Canvas is ideal for book covers, books, place mats, napkin art, shopping bags, picture frames, mobile phone covers, fabric frames, wall art, handbags, signs, applique and quilts and as a backing for quilts, cutlery pouches, party favours. It is made from 70% polyester and 30% cotton, and has a smooth finish. Craft Canvas can be stamped; it loves Crafter Inks by ColorBox, is happy to be heat embossed, and Frantaged. The smooth stable surface is ideal for stencilling with inks, or use Dreamweaver Embossing Paste. It can also be used though an ink jet printer. It will also work well with: – acrylic paint, stencil paint, fabric paint, paint sticks, transfer paints, or oil paint. For most mediums no priming is required but it can be primed with gesso. Craft Canvas can be used with Iron transfers or rub-ons, machine embroidery. Craft Canvas can be glued with PVA or PPA glue or a hot glue gun can be used for attaching mixed-media pieces. Fuse with fusible webbing. Stitch by hand or machine. Care of your finished projects: This cloth is not machine-washable. If spot cleaning is required, gently remove the stain with a soft cloth or brush. A small amount of a colourless multi-purpose cleaner can be used for removing stains, blot stains don’t rub. When ironing, cover it with a pressing cloth and set the iron to the acrylic/silk setting. PPA either matte or gloss can be used to seal the finished project. Inspiration sheet included in the packet. Size 45cm x 60cm approximately.

Thanks for visiting see you soon!

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Woodware are as Mad as Hatters…with The Stamp Pad

 The challenge on the Woodware blog this week is Mad Hatters I hope you check the posts out as I think it could be a fun week!

I have made a box hat


Yes it looks like a hat, but it is sitting on a wooden bobbin and won’t go on your head!

The story in pictures…


I have used a straight sided plastic tub for the inside, I measured my Craft Canvas and then sprayed it with Clearsnap Artichoke Dye Ink Spray.


I used the Woodware Compass Cutter to cut some scrap mounting board. Go gently around over and over again to ease your way through the thick card.

I have used Double Sided Adhesive sheets to attach the Craft Canvas I put the sticky sheet on the canvas because I had allowed for an over lap.


Can you see my not so deliberate mistake? I have spray much more heavily at one end of the canvas than the other, which was not really noticeable on the flat sheet of canvas, well not so noticeable! It is at the back, so I have not done anything about it.


I stuck a piece of card on the bottom so that it was flat. Make slits in the canvas so that the fullness is catered for when you fold over the excess, this give a fairly neat finish.


I added another piece of card just to keep it neat and again give me a good join to the base.

Carefully attach to the solid brim.


The join at the bottom is not very neat, but that is what ribbon is for.


Add a lid, this is just a circle of card with canvas on both sides, again all stuck together with Double Sided Adhesive sheets


To decorate I have used the Burlap Flowers and Ribbon.

Also the new Woodware Cotton Ribbon in Natural the ribbon comes in 15mm and 6mm I have used the 15mm to wrap around the hat. I made a multi bow with the 6mm and the medium (middle) sized template from the Brilliant Bow Maker.


I inked all of the edges with the Caribbean Surfacez ink. And used some ribbon and double sided tape to attach the top of the hat.


The tag on the top had been punched and the stamped with the Rollagraph Define it. I have then written on my little ditti.


I hope that you enjoy Woodware’s  Mad Hatters week, brought to you by

Gwenstampy of the Stamp Pad

The Stamp Pad –       Facebook

Blog –       Gwenstampy

Web site –     Papercraft Junkie

More mad hatters on the Woodware Blog

Thanks for visitng see you soon!

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Woodware Challenge – Blue

A couple of weekends ago I went off to West Yorkshire for a Craft Retreat organised by Gwen from The Stamp Pad in Greenfield Saddleworth, it was a great weekend, and Judith (Mrs Woodware) had a great time and I think she was the only one to finish everything! I of course didn’t do as I was told….

On the Saturday morning we painted boxes with the new chalky finish paint from Americana it is great we then added paper to some of the sides and stencilled some of the other sides, this was my first trip to the dark side…


Well to the BLUE side, instead of using the stencil provided which was very nice and the silver paint I went for ink pads.


The stencil is one of the new Art Screens from ColorBox this one is Bloom.


I even stencilled on the lovely papers.


and inside. We decorated a small wooden frame too.

So well I am pleased to be able to share these with you and they inspired me for my blue project.


I have up-cycled some old wooden coasters.


They have been painted in the same chalky blue on both sides. When painting them do the edges 2 at a time so you can hold the coasters without getting too much paint on your hands.


To colour them I used the Bloom Art Screen and a mixture of Aruba and Wave Crafters Ink Pads applied with the ColorBox Stylus and foam pads.

After I had coloured the six mats I came up with a good idea, inspired by Julie one of the girls that work at the Stamp Pad and some wooden carved coasters that my daughter bought some time ago.


I have stencilled a jigsaw on the back side! I have used the same blue so you have to work out which side to put together!

So thanks to the girls from the Stamp Pad for my Blue inspiration!


Now this is a trial would it be too much to do the whole thing like this?

Thanks for visiting, see you soon, and you will find lots of blue on the Woodware Blog this week.

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Woodware Challenge Set by A Maze of Memories – Treasured Memories

This weeks Woodware Challenge has been set for us by our friend Christina at A Maze of Memories, the bar started high and the girls have done some wonderful things this week, I have spent a lot of the week thinking about what to do!

Way back in February of 2012 I did a Frantage project that was a scrapbook page in a large Ikea frame, the theme was a trip to Berlin, so this time I have done a trip to Milan. This is an annual holiday that happens in October when I go away with my oldest friend and our daughters. Our Mums used to go on holiday together and the girls are friends in there own right and holiday together so it really is rather special.

Our Milan trip happened in 2012, perhaps I will get this year (Lisbon) done soon!


The aperture in in the centre is 12 x 12 inches all of the photographs except one are of The Duomo, and us.


After choosing my photographs I laid them out using both the aperture and the wide mount


I penciled around the pictures so that I could decorate the mount and then place them back in the correct place.


I used Francoise’s  Leafy Swirls Clear Magic set and silver embossing powder.


I really don’t know how I managed without my Craft Funnel!


I added a touch of Aged Silver Frantage powder around the mount.


I small piece of journaling.


Milan is an interesting city, with lovely parks and culture, and food, Leonardo’s painting The Last Supper was amazing to see, but for me Milan will always be the place that I bought my 10 euro red handbag that has been much admired! I didn’t want to add it to all of the photographs of the marble cathedral so it sits on a tiny tent card inside the frame.


and here it is hanging on the wall, I will have to re-organise so that it fits better, and find somewhere to put the frame that I had to remove, but it is safely on the wall!


Thank you to Christina for setting the challenge so that I got this done, you will find lots of crafty inspiration on the A Maze of Memories blog  and pop over to the Woodware blog to see what else the girls have been up to

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Woodware Challenge – Cats and Dogs

The Woodware challenge this week is cats and dogs we have had too many cats for my taste so I have gone with dogs.

8This is Sydney, she was my daughters dog and best friend until a few weeks ago.

I have used the Shrink Jet which is a shrink plastic that goes through an ink jet printer. It is great! you can even print on both sides of the plastic.

SydThis is the original photograph.

The Shrink Jet has really clear instructions in the packet telling you haw to alter you photograph.

7If you have ever used shrink plastic you will know that the colour intensifies when you shrink it, so you have to change your photo to have a washed out feel. The pack sends you to an online photo programme and then walks you through the process.

6This is the Chippie tag that I want to put the photo on.

4here is it after shrinking, I do the shrinking with my heat tool, but you can use an oven if you would rather.

1I have used a mixture of embossing powders on my Chippie tag.

3Then I stuck the my Sydney to the tag, I used the Ultra Bond double sided adhesive to attach her. Then I added more embossing powder around the shrunk image and at the side. I stamped into the hot embossing powder with the dog paws from the Artemio Friends clear stamp set.

To the back I added a magnet cut from the A4 sheets.

Next I made a card to mount the finished magnet on.


I drew around the inside of the Chippie so that I could get the placement right for my stamping


Then I added some paws.

12and some buttons


I used an ATC Card to make a topper so that when the magnet was removed the card would still be complete.  The dog is from the Friends set too.


I made another ATC for the inside to put a magnet on so that the magnets held the 2 pieces in place.


I should have hidden the magnet under the front piece, but I didn’t think of that until it was too late! next time.

Well that is it, but I really like the shrink plastic, why not give it a go, great for key rings and photos of children and grand children?

Thank you for visiting today.

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Woodware Challenge – Week 78 – Gifts for Christmas

I hope that you have been keeping an eye on the Woodware blog this week as the girls have been showing off some wonderful gift ideas. I have done some glass tea light holders, which are quick and very effective.

I have used Jane’s stamps on them all, and I have stamped on Mulberry Paper The Mulberry Paper comes in large sheets and also in an A5 pad of mixed colours which is very useful.

These two are done on candles from Ikea, I had the green candles as I like the apple smell, but they come in lots of colours and fragrances. On this ones I have used pink paper and embossed with Vintage Plum Embossing Powder. The stamp is Ferns a Clear Magic Single.

I always use PPA to glue things like this it is a wonderful glue. If you have not heard of Perfect Paper Adhesive it is an acrylic glue which has a UV filter, which if you are making home décor projects it does help to reduce sun fade. That is just one of it’s many features. When attaching the paper put some glue on the glass and then put the paper on and glue all over the top. This seals it all really well and the glue goes through the thin paper.

This is the Hedgerow Clear Magic Single I have stamped on light green paper and embossed with Vintage Mahogany Tinsel Powder. I have stamped it 3 times for each glass and ripped the paper and overlapped it around the glass. This means you don’t have to measure, just line it up roughly and the glue gives you time to slide it round a bit.

This time I have used a pair of glasses that are just water or whisky glasses, depending on your taste! The stamp on this pair is Wheat Clear Magic Single, I have stamped on white Mulberry Paper and embossed with Aged Silver powder.

once I had glued the paper on to the glasses I added some Frantage to the bottom. Just a mix that I have in the box that includes:- Shaved Ice, Silver Halo Glitter Mix, Pearlised Mica Fragments. I just added some water mark re-inker so that I could drop on bits of powder. Heating the glass is easy, just do it slowly, start with the heat gun quite far away.

The box that they are sitting on was the project that I had planned, but since Siobhan got in first with stationery I went for something completely different!

Thank you for visiting, please have a look and see what the rest of the team have been up to!

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