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Scruffy, Scrappy Flowers

I was so impressed with the flowers that Kim and Debbie made last week that I have been having a go, so this is the results of my attempts at Kim’s.


this was my first attempt. Then ink the edges, most things look better with inked edges.


I use an old foam stamp free from a magazine years ago when I want to make a hole in something thick like this complete with a map pin.


stores in a drawer just like this.


then add a  flower brad.


spray with water and scrunch.


Repeat with other papers.


not sure where these are going yet, but I think that I will have fun with all of my scrap papers for a while….


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Woodware are as Mad as Hatters…with The Stamp Pad

 The challenge on the Woodware blog this week is Mad Hatters I hope you check the posts out as I think it could be a fun week!

I have made a box hat


Yes it looks like a hat, but it is sitting on a wooden bobbin and won’t go on your head!

The story in pictures…


I have used a straight sided plastic tub for the inside, I measured my Craft Canvas and then sprayed it with Clearsnap Artichoke Dye Ink Spray.


I used the Woodware Compass Cutter to cut some scrap mounting board. Go gently around over and over again to ease your way through the thick card.

I have used Double Sided Adhesive sheets to attach the Craft Canvas I put the sticky sheet on the canvas because I had allowed for an over lap.


Can you see my not so deliberate mistake? I have spray much more heavily at one end of the canvas than the other, which was not really noticeable on the flat sheet of canvas, well not so noticeable! It is at the back, so I have not done anything about it.


I stuck a piece of card on the bottom so that it was flat. Make slits in the canvas so that the fullness is catered for when you fold over the excess, this give a fairly neat finish.


I added another piece of card just to keep it neat and again give me a good join to the base.

Carefully attach to the solid brim.


The join at the bottom is not very neat, but that is what ribbon is for.


Add a lid, this is just a circle of card with canvas on both sides, again all stuck together with Double Sided Adhesive sheets


To decorate I have used the Burlap Flowers and Ribbon.

Also the new Woodware Cotton Ribbon in Natural the ribbon comes in 15mm and 6mm I have used the 15mm to wrap around the hat. I made a multi bow with the 6mm and the medium (middle) sized template from the Brilliant Bow Maker.


I inked all of the edges with the Caribbean Surfacez ink. And used some ribbon and double sided tape to attach the top of the hat.


The tag on the top had been punched and the stamped with the Rollagraph Define it. I have then written on my little ditti.


I hope that you enjoy Woodware’s  Mad Hatters week, brought to you by

Gwenstampy of the Stamp Pad

The Stamp Pad –       Facebook

Blog –       Gwenstampy

Web site –     Papercraft Junkie

More mad hatters on the Woodware Blog

Thanks for visitng see you soon!

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Woodware Challenge – Blue

A couple of weekends ago I went off to West Yorkshire for a Craft Retreat organised by Gwen from The Stamp Pad in Greenfield Saddleworth, it was a great weekend, and Judith (Mrs Woodware) had a great time and I think she was the only one to finish everything! I of course didn’t do as I was told….

On the Saturday morning we painted boxes with the new chalky finish paint from Americana it is great we then added paper to some of the sides and stencilled some of the other sides, this was my first trip to the dark side…


Well to the BLUE side, instead of using the stencil provided which was very nice and the silver paint I went for ink pads.


The stencil is one of the new Art Screens from ColorBox this one is Bloom.


I even stencilled on the lovely papers.


and inside. We decorated a small wooden frame too.

So well I am pleased to be able to share these with you and they inspired me for my blue project.


I have up-cycled some old wooden coasters.


They have been painted in the same chalky blue on both sides. When painting them do the edges 2 at a time so you can hold the coasters without getting too much paint on your hands.


To colour them I used the Bloom Art Screen and a mixture of Aruba and Wave Crafters Ink Pads applied with the ColorBox Stylus and foam pads.

After I had coloured the six mats I came up with a good idea, inspired by Julie one of the girls that work at the Stamp Pad and some wooden carved coasters that my daughter bought some time ago.


I have stencilled a jigsaw on the back side! I have used the same blue so you have to work out which side to put together!

So thanks to the girls from the Stamp Pad for my Blue inspiration!


Now this is a trial would it be too much to do the whole thing like this?

Thanks for visiting, see you soon, and you will find lots of blue on the Woodware Blog this week.

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Woodware Challenge – Alter it or Recycle it… Day 3

The theme this week over on the Woodware blog is Alter or recycle it, I am not sure what I have done you decide…


I started with this and finished with…


I like the yogurt, but I also like the tub that it come in, and use them for bits and pieces, and also as a waste bin on my table while I am crafting, ideal for the backing off double sided tape and the ends off ribbon. Decorating one has been a plan for quite a long time.


So when the yogurt is finished and the cardboard cover in the recycling you have a pot or bin.


First I cut some Craft Canvas then I sprayed it with Crafters re-inker that I had mixed with water in a Mist It Bottle.


I marked the back with the ribbon widths and where I wanted the slits to be.


The marking was a bit messy.


This is the right side


This is the wrong side , I gave it a paint with acrylic paint. If the pot had not been clear I would not have bothered doing this.


I glued some ribbon around the top and glued the sides with USArtQuest PPA.


 turn it the right side out and that is it!


I added some slits so that I could add some ribbon around the middle.

Thank you for visiting today, pop over to the Woodware blog to see what the rest of the girls have been up to this week.

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Woodware Challenge – Inspired by a Man – Day 2

Woodware are again joining in and sponsoring the challenge over on Crafty Carmakers this week.


so if you are inspired to join in pop over and find out all about it!

The brief was to make something inspired by or for an important male figure in your life.

 I have chosen my son, someone that I am very proud of, and that I can always rely on for good advise and the odd bit of shelf hanging. (My daughter can hang shelves very well too)

He has a Coffee Shop and take away so I have made a very simple file rack for him.

10The stamps are all Stampendous  Rubber.

4I have used Changito Coffee, he can also be purchased as a set with the Two Cup Day words.


Here is the words.


This is a nice sentiment stamp, Pick Me Up


This is a fun stamp, that would be great with an edible gift:- Whipped Up

7The circles are punched from a Super Circle (blue) punch, and then I have added the circle with the Stylus Tip.

9The box is from Ikea and have covered it with two colours of the London papers.


I did my stamping with Crafters in Stone and Wave, the distressing has all been done with the Wave pad and the Stylus Tool.

11I have used the Woodware Crafty Glue to stick the paper down, and then used it to seal the finished box.


Here is the other side.

Thank you for visiting and why not pop over to have a peek at what the rest of the Woodware Team are up to this week, and also see what the Crafty Cardmakers Team have to share.

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Woodware Challenge – Week 73 – Upcycling – Day 3

Well I would like to have wonderful hand painted furniture all around my home, perhaps I should invite Tammi from Stampendous to stay, for a month or two. Here is the sort of thing that Tammi creates.

You can find the instructions here on the Stampendous website, they even have printable instructions.

But I digress last year I used Dreamweaver stencils to decorate a small chest which has pride of place in my hall. So this year I have been a little bit more adventurous. I wanted some storage in my sitting room but had no idea what I wanted, but I found this in my craft cabin.

We had a few of these in our work shop area when I had my shop.

I am not good with paint so I opted for a distressed look, and painted a rough coat of black acrylic paint all over the carcase.

 I used a Stampendous border and embossed it with Aged Gold the border is from the Perfectly Clear set Damask Chair. Because the wood was a bit uneven I had trouble getting all of my stamping to be perfect, but that just adds to the distressed look (that is my excuse reason)

Here is a close up of the drawers.

The swirl stamp on the side and he top is from the Jumbo Cling Rubber set Romantic Border.

To finnish off and seal the paint I mixed Matte Perfect Paper Adhesive with Sparkling Copper PearlEx Powder.

Well then I did a second one.

 I stacked them and they make a good end table.

Three was too high so this one sits on a table. I have a rather ugly radio hidden behind it.

Well perhaps I should have stopped their…..

These two came from Woolworth’s and were a cheep copy of the budget price Ikea ones!

This time I used Aged Silver Powder

but well I still had one more chest!

This one I found in the loft it was a pine bedside chest of drawers.

This one is Aged Gold and the border stamp is from the Romantic Jumbo Cling Rubber Set.

It was not easy doing the top, it was a bit heavy tipping up the chest to get the excess powder off.

This photograph doesn’t do them justice but I embossed  the wooden knobs with a Frantage mixture. My son was even impressed with this piece and I did wonder if he would ask for it back since it did start life in his room.

I am sitting typing this up and wondering what to do next, I do want to do something with the plain table lights……

Thank you for visiting today, over on Woodware we are upcycling all week and we have everything from furniture to cards so pop over a have a look at what the girls have been up too.