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Believe – One Little Word

One little Word – Vision Board

This year I decided that I would do the One Little Word course with Ali Edwards, I have started it before, a very long time ago but this year I plan to finish it! I do some years have a word that I am focusing on without doing anything positive with it, so this year I thought that I would give it a go.

The prompt for February was to create a vision board and this is mine.


As you can tell my word for this year is BELIEVE one of the things that I am practising this year is to improve my hand writing (I need to improve all of my writing, and grammar and spelling :P)

So I have used an ATC card and written my word and others that have been speaking to me. I have edged the card with an ink pad, I have used the same green ink pad to edge most of my panels.

This is a photograph that inspires belief that anything is possible.

I spotted this little flower as I was getting into my car one morning. It is growing out of the tarmac on our drive. Yes it is very weedy, and if that doesn’t instil hope that anything can happen then nothing will.

Somewhere I plan to return to.

This photograph was taken last June at sunset on a beach that I plan to return to. The other beach is my regular walking place, east facing so a place to see sunrises.

I BELIEVE I will return to walk at sunset…..

Dorrie x